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  • Women's Longer Length Fitted Tank - black
  • Women's Longer Length Fitted Tank - black
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It Takes Time To Heal Ladies Longer Length Fitted Tank

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Exclusive From The Discrete Unlimited Cannabis Empowerment Line "Healing is an Art, It Takes Time, It Takes Practice, It takes Patience, It Takes Love" Ladies Longer Length Fitted Tank.

The cannabis plant doesn't grow over night, in order for it to thrive and grow to it's potential, it needs time. No matter what you are healing from, please, always remember it is going to take time. Some heal faster than others, there is no correct amount of time in order for you to become healed. Heal at your own pace.

This slim-fitting long-length tank has a flattering neckline and cut make this tank top a unique addition to your wardrobe. The fabric is made from pre-shrunk 57% cotton 38% polyester and 5% spandex and has a fabric weight of 4.0 oz.
Women's Longer Length Fitted Tank
slimmer fit
S 25.98 in 13.27 in
M 27.01 in 14.02 in
L 27.24 in 15.51 in
XL 27.99 in 17.01 in
2XL 28.27 in 18.27 in