About My Brand

Discrete Unlimited was founded in 2015, at that time Cannabis was not legal in Ohio, nor was it ever seen to be anytime soon. At any rate, I was on a mission, to start the first leather Cannabis business in the United States, and I did. I self-taught myself how to saddle stitch leather products, in doing so I create a product that was quite unique. I wanted adults to be able to consume Cannabis in a safe way. I brought a product to the market that would last a lifetime, was elegant, locks and in addition didn't advertise that Cannabis was inside for safety reasons. These bags and accessories are available upon request only.

Fast Forward To 2019

Discrete Unlimited offers distinct, individually separate and unique items to choose from through our exclusive lines. We design items that will express relate-able situations, create an uplifting and empowering vision of yourself and many products that will make you laugh. In a world where "style" changes so frequently, throwing on a nice comfortable t-shirt, hat or accessories that has meaning behind it, may be the very best "style" option you can choose!

My Cannabis empowerment line, is the only Inspirational Cannabis brand to date, stimulating a new approach towards the appreciation of Cannabis through proper sophisticated terminology, uplifting and motivational phrases and proper education about Cannabis. This is the Cannabis brand for your clothing, accessories and home goods. Let me help you display your Cannabis empowerment proudly in your home and on the go.

Our Mission:
I aim to beautify and honor the Cannabis plant for the healing powers it possesses. The dignity that the Cannabis plant once had was stolen and replaced by fear and hatred. Our Cannabis line was created to give back the dignity that our MVP (most valuable plant) deserves. Research has shown that animals are also benefiting from Cannabis use, we want them to be able to show support for our MVP as well, in doing so we have also created some pet accessories for your best friends. At the end of the day our true mission it to help everyone by creating a chain reaction of hope, wellness, education and everlasting love through your community that we hope will lead into other communities.

Below are some pictures of my Locking Cannabis bags and odor containment key chains If you are Interested or have additional questions please feel free to email use at: Discretewarehouse@gmail.com

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