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42 Inch Extra Tall Mesh Baby Gate Dark Grey

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Exclusive From The It's A Deal Warehouse "42 Inch Extra Tall Mesh Baby Gate Dark Grey" New Open Box.

 Perfect Fit Indoor and Outdoor
 Retractable Design - Saving Your Space
 Durable Soft Anti-scratch Mesh
 Adjustable mount - Fit Any Baseboard
 One Handed Operation

Fits 0-55" wide openings : the height of retractable dog gate is 42 inches and the width from end to end is about 64 inches. 

Suitable for Babies and Dogs : outdoor retractable gate Works as both a retractable baby gate and a retractable dog gate to providing a safe environment to play.

Perfect Fit Indoor and Outdoor : retractable mesh gate can be used indoors and outdoors, such as kitchens, living rooms, doorways, bottom of stairs, decks, porches, patios etc.

Retractable Design - saving your space : when retractable child gate is not in use, the mesh can be rolled up, which will not take up your space and facilitate your friends to enter and exit.

Durable Soft Anti-scratch Mesh: the mesh is soft and tough to prevent your baby from climbing the gate. The mesh is scratch-resistant and durable, preventing the dog's paws from tearing the mesh.

Adjustable mount : the mount of the mesh pet gate can slide up and down to fit any baseboard. There is almost no gap between the mesh dog gate and the floor, preventing your babies and dogs from getting under the gates.